JULY 22-23, 2020 • Stanford University

Empowered Relief™ Instructor Certification Workshop


Empowered Relief™ is an evidence-based, single-session pain class that rapidly equips patients with pain management skills. Developed at Stanford University.

Empowered Relief™ was developed by pain psychologist Beth Darnall, PhD, and has been embedded into clinical care pathways at Stanford University since 2013. Early positive scientific results led to major NIH funding to further study the benefits and mechanisms of the single-session pain relief class. Empowered Relief™ is manualized, research-grade, and ready for immediate implementation into your clinic or research study.

Empowered Relief™ may only be delivered by certified instructors.

Any healthcare clinician may become an Empowered Relief™ certified instructor.



Stanford University Palo Alto, CA


July 22-23, 2020



Registration fee


  • 2 full days of expert-led didactics, demonstration, and skills practice
  • Demonstration of the Empowered Relief™ class with actual patient participants
  • Continuing Education credits/units depending on your profession
  • Includes all materials required for you to successfully implement Empowered Relief™ into your clinic or healthcare system


Beth Darnall

Beth Darnall, PhD Associate Professor, Stanford School of Medicine Creator, Empowered Relief™

Maisa Ziadni

Maisa Ziadni, PhD Instructor, Stanford School of Medicine Master Trainer, Empowered Relief™

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